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It is always a good idea to get started early each year. Using your allowances early can make a big difference in returns over the years.


Your annual ISA allowance is currently £20,000, so think about what returns you currently earn on your existing cash ISAs?


With the new ability to transfer back and forth between investments and cash now could be the time to look at investing your cash ISAs for potentially higher returns. We can offer guarantees on some investments if you are very cautious.


Over the past 10 years, cash ISAs have paid an average interest rate of 2.89pc, according to Bank of England figures (May 2014).


By comparison, £10,000 invested in equity funds 10 years ago could have more than doubled to £21,720, based on the FTSE 100 index's "total return" – capital appreciation plus income. (Many people forget about the income produced from investments and the overall benefit this can have on your total returns when re-invested).


If you are looking to use an Isa for long-term savings, then you can do a lot better than use a cash Isa.

If it is just a place to park some money you might need to call on in an emergency or for short term needs, then a cash Isa is a good option. However, in the majority of cases I still find that it is better to use your other accounts for short term needs and save your ISA allowances for your investments.


And all this before we get onto the subject of Capital Gains Tax....... and other ISA benefits!


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