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We have long-standing experience in all aspects of financial advice.

I'm one of those people who love the detail that helps build the bigger picture. The benefit of this for you is  that nothing important gets missed.
I've been in banking and finance for over 33 years now. I started out as a cashier and worked my way up to local director running an area of 12 branches with Lloyds, managing a national project along the way. I have worked with people at all levels and in all walks of life which is good news for the people I work with today. It means I have life experience and I can relate to you and your personal circumstances.

Today, I work as a self employed, independent financial advisor. I love it. I get to meet some great people from incredibly diverse walks of life. It's hugely rewarding to save someone money on insurance whilst protecting them and their loved ones, or helping them focus on the important elements of their future finances as well as their life through a detailed ‘life-plan’.
If your life is busy and your finances need an overhaul you probably need to speak to me. Even if you don’t think your finances are too complicated, you shouldn’t put off getting in just might have financial needs that you haven’t yet considered.

When I'm not surrounded by paper and figures, I'm usually spending time with family, who range from 1 to 96 years old. My wife and I love to get outdoors and I enjoy keeping fit and walking. Occasionally, (when the sun is shining) I get the motorbike out and head for the coast.

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