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I see myself as your partner for all financial planning issues. I develop a tailor-made plan that is based on your requirements. The following points indicate some of the areas in which I can assist you.


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Pensions including Auto Enrolment advice

It is important to consider your pension needs as early as you can and become acquainted with the versatile options currently available.


Budget canges with effect from April 2015 bring many opportunities as well as pitfalls.


If you are starting a new pension or approaching retirement see my October Blog.


I can search the whole market to find the best solution your financial goals click here.







I can research the whole market to find the best retirement income option for you. 


What is a pension annuity?


A pension annuity converts your pension fund into a regular income. Your pension provider will normally offer you an annuity when you come to take your benefits, but what many people don’t realise is that they can shop around and usually get a better deal through other annuity providers.



Do you qualify for even more income in retirement?


Caution: There are still many companies set up to sell annuities with unqualified staff. They offer advice on a 'non advised' basis, which means you are on your own! You may also miss out on opportunities that would have been advised by a qualified advisor.


Depending on your health and lifestyle you may qualify for an enhanced annuity, which could increase your retirement income even more. This is over and above the additional income you may receive just by using my services to research all providers.



How do the draft Pension changes April 2015 affect me?  learn more...


I can also find alternative arrangements for you such as flexible drawdown, allowing you to take as much or as little as you need each year whilst benefiting from invested returns on your lump sum.



With interest rates as low as they are, it is more imprtant than ever to invest in the right strategies for your long term goals. With over 12000 funds on our platform alone, I can develop an individual investment strategy for you: shares, funds or life assurance, allowing you to benefit from our expertise in investment management and the 'whole of market' opportunity.


Sick Pay For Self Employed (or anyone who is vulnerable)

As with other forms of insurance, there is a vast range of cover and quality. I can use my experience to make sure that you benefit from the right type of cover for you.

As an example, I can arrange

  • sick pay cover from day 1.
  • High risk occupations
  • up to £1,000 per month cover, without evidence of income. 


 Cover is normally recommended on own occupation. This is important when you need to claim.

Life Insurance

A death of a friend or family member is always traumatic. However the financial impact can have serious consequences for many years beyond. I can advise you on all areas of life insurance including mortgage protection, term, family income, whole of life, key man for business and relevant life insurance. Remember we are whole of market which means I can find the right policy for you.


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance pays out on diagnosis of a specified illness listed in the policy that you have chosen.

Critical Illness is statistically more likely to impact people over the age of 50, however it can affect anyone.


As more people survive serious illness, lives are impacted financially by loss of work and income and the additional financial costs incurred. A cash lump sum in these situations can help pay for treatment or medication and can literally help save your life.


A serious illness can be even more traumatic than death. Seeing a loved one suffer is difficult enough without the financial strains that it can bring with it.


Apart from lost income there may be the additional cost of care and even lost income for close family/ friends giving up time from work.The financial impact can have serious consequences for many years.


You should be aware that with this type of protection,  the quality of cover can vary greatly. I can advise you on a suitable policy for your needs.

Medical Insurance

This is the policy for you if your main concern is to be treated quickly to avoid lengthy NHS queues, obtain a guaranteed appointment with a top consultant and then recover in a private en-suite room, with home comforts.

There are policies to suit a range of budgets, for both individuals as well as company schemes. However, there is also a wide range of cover and I will take the time to fully assess your needs and find the right policy for you.


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