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Peter C Hart Dip PFS Independent Financial Advisor                            Old Fashioned Values with Ultra Modern Technology

A Tried & Tested Process....that works

I have a professional process which is followed in each case, my research and advice are qualified. The relationship is preferably ongoing and long term and there needs to be an element of trust. Personal circumstances change, fund managers change and the financial and political world changes. I build my advice around you and your personal circumstances and the ongoing changes in your life, with the benefit of my 34 years experience and that of my professional colleagues around me.


The process is as follows, but don't worry, much of this is done inbetween client appointments.



Lifeplan- first meeting

The first step is to fully assess your finances and I will take the time  to fully understand your financial needs and goals.

By taking the time to get to know you, I can deliver better results for you. I follow an efficient process which covers all the relevant areas. This step not only makes sense, but it is often an important first step overlooked by many. It may also include risk profiling and checking your undesrtanding of asset classes or relevant financial products.



I will research existing products usually by writting directly to the providers, to obtain detailed information. This usually takes 2/3 weeks whilst authorities are registered and several follow up calls are made to obtain the precise information required. I then analyse the information received and check that they match your requirements. If I find any problems or opportunities to provide better products; I then search the market for alternatives and make comparisons to often more suitable products when matched to your requirements. (A simple example is protection products that cost less for the same quality of cover).



I will build a financial plan which meets your requirements. This will take into account:

  • Your current and future financial needs and goals as discussed during the lifeplan meeting
  • Research
  • Tax planning
  • Cost savings and affordability



At our 2nd meeting I will present my findings to you along with the recommended course of action. I will again take the necessary time to check your understanding of everything discussed. It is important to me that as much as possible you make an informed decision rather than just accepting a recommendation. This way I know that I have understood your needs and goals fully.

If you are completely happy with the proposals I will then take you through the relevant paperwork to complete the transactions and confirm next steps andtimescales.



At this stage I will take all the paperwork away and see the transactions through to completion in a timely fashion. This usually involves following up on the various transactions until complete. I will also compile a detailed report confirming the detail captured at our meetings, my recommendations and how they meet your needs.



We will usually review your plan annually or more frequently if required. This will ensure that your plan is still suitable following any changes in your circumstances.



I do not charge additional hidden fees for answering the phone, responding to emails etc. such as a solicitor or an accountant. You only pay the agreed fee and anything else is agreed in advance if applicable at all. You are therefore free to contact me at anytime should you have any concerns or queries.


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